Our promise is to always be
dedicated to service.

We are a family that reflects the values of our founders. TouchPoint is unmatched in the industry for its technical expertise and customer focus.

Ten years ago, TouchPoint came together through the vision of two founders with over 50 years combined experience in the ATM and cash automation industry. They witnessed firsthand how bank and credit union needs evolved, and had realized that only the largest banks, with national footprints, could take full advantage of the customer experience made possible by ATMs.

TouchPoint was created to give community banks and credit unions the same capabilities as the largest banks – while providing even better service. Those institutions, with their smaller, do-it-all staffs, need a technology partner that can take away the headaches of operating an ATM fleet, allowing the staff focus on impacting members and customers.

TouchPoint’s outsourcing model grew out of this desire, and is currently used by nearly 100 customers across the USA.

Now, TouchPoint has grown to be a leader in advanced ITM deployments, helping customers large and small adopt these next-gen solutions for their customers and members.

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Our Founding Values

Our Customers

We seek to delight our customers, always. We do what is right, no matter the short-term cost.

Customer Service

We take care of our customers. Service is “our pleasure”. We admit our mistakes, and learn from them.

Employee Empowerment

We act as necessary to take care of our customer partners.

People Before Profits

We do what is right, no matter the short-term cost. We hire missionaries, not mercenaries.

Grow Carefully

We never sacrifice service to a partner for the potential of a prospect. Be fair and upfront in pricing.

Be Willing to Say No

We want to work with partners who share our values.

Meet Our Founders

Brett D Koedam

Brett has been solely focused on serving financial industry customers for over 20 years. His deep knowledge of banking industry processes gives TouchPoint's customers a tremendous resource: he knows every aspect of how cash automation machines impact the people and processes needed to run a bank and its branches smoothly. At TouchPoint, Brett has built the team behind the business. He keeps the team focused on our company's values, and ensures we look ahead at what's coming for our customers and the industry.

Chuck Faucher

Chuck has been working on ATMs since the early 1980s, just as ATMs began to be used. Almost forty years later, we're not kidding when we call Chuck "The Best ATM Tech in America". He's supported every major brand of ATMs and other cash equipment. There is no ATM problem he cannot solve. Chuck ensures the capabilities of our technicians is up to TouchPoint standards, training all new techs in everything from the basics to supporting advanced next-generation ITMs and cash recycling machines.

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