Our ATM Fleet Management capabilities are unmatched in our market segment.

FLM & SLM Experts

For first- and second-line maintenance, TouchPoint’s expert technicians bring decades of experience in the ATM industry to our service team. We hire technicians who are expert-level field technicians. Ongoing training ensures they stay up to date on the latest ITM and ATM technologies. We take customer service seriously, and evaluate the customer service scores of each technician.

Cash Management

  • Cash forecasting
  • Cash load optimization
  • Risk management & reduction
  • Increased visibility into cash use

When TouchPoint coordinates your cash operations—as well as your ATM service—you get the best of both worlds: one single point of contact to supervise your cash operations and superior first line service techs to keep ATMs running.

Wide Footprint

Our equipment footprint covers 14 states, with a heavy focus on Texas and Oklahoma. We work with a network of service providers that meet the TouchPoint standard across the country, for any of your needs in new locations.

ATM Monitoring

Our proactive remote ATM management & monitoring solutions let us see your machines’ status without deploying a field technician. You get more uptime from your machine – and happier customers.


We know the very latest ITM and ATM technology, can add help you select the right equipment selection—and configure it correctly—for all of your needs. We don’t have a favorite ATM. Expect the right machine for your specific application in every location. Configuration, installation and tune-up.

Meet our Partners

TouchPoint works principally with Nautilus Hyosung ATMs, through its premier reseller partner Tetralink. We also work with NCR and Triton ATMs.



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